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The idea for this entrepreneurship sprang from our mother Antoinette who after many decades had gradually started stopping the frequent cooking of pies as a basic element of our family daily diet. Milk-pies and pumpkin-pies for breakfast, cheese-pies for brunch, meat pies, chicken-npies, pasta-pies or any other variety for any meal, lunch, dinner. Pies with always a seasonable filling. Greens throughout winter months, aubergines and courgettes in summer to name a few. Even during the fest days with  delicious alternatives like greens- pies or onion- pies.

It is after this tradition that Antoinette and Marie of an Epirus origin started Marie & Antoinette. The brand could equally have been “the quality bet”. Our target has been to maintain the old pie recipes as we know and cherish them while at the same time enriching them with modern diet trends like the use of  whole-wheat flour, rye-flour, zea,dinkel,gluten free flour, kanabi flour , organic and vegan way. Core element of our vision is the recognition of our pies identity as a mark of quality product for excellence of materials and cooking. Fresh and certified materials, and daily pie preparing with personal homemade care and taste.
We prepare our products for those who cherish quality food, appreciate the delicious taste, and can see the difference between homemade and mass- production food. For those who are given the chance to bake easily themselves their pie when they have an appetite for, since our pies can be preserved for a long time after the go they go through a deep-frozen process.





In our workshop (22, Triantafyllidi str, 11525 in N.Psychiko, tel 0030 2130416420), you will find a great variety of sweet and savory frozen pies, made with pure ingredients and homemade care. Choose from: Mixed Veggie pie, Spinach and Feta pie, Leek pie, Cheese pie, Meat pie, Chicken pie, Onion pie, Eggplant pie, Milk pie, Pepper pie, Tomato pie, Fennel pie, Pumpkin pie, Zucchini pie.

Opening Hours : Monday – Friday : (08:00 to 16:00 )

Saturday : ( 10:00 to 15:30 )


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Workshop Triantafyllidi: Trays of frozen pies


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